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Modern commercial building and business premises extensively use glass in their construction presenting as assortment of risks and costs which can be averted by installation of our range of tinted window films.

Large spaces are subject to solar heat leading to inconsistent hot and cool spots and higher energy consumption where our tinted window films reduce solar heat to regulate room temperature more efficiently.

Glass windows are vulnerable to natural elements such as high winds, hail storms and even objects blown by sudden gusts of wind resulting in flying broken glass shards causing injury, damage to office equipment and other assets and even fatalities

Wingard™ safety and security films hold the broken glass to keep them from being flying daggers ensuring your safety and that of your employees and assets.

Our Wingard™ safety and security films are able to withstand heavy battering from conventional hardware such as hammers, baseball bats, helmets and distant explosions to prevent unauthorised entry by intruders transforming your workplace from a potential disaster zone to a fortress of safety for you and your assets

Windec offers an extensive range of window films, from clear films capable of blocking more than half the suns heat without changing the appearance of existing glass, to window films which are able to match the designs and color of building and facades.

Both strengthen the glass to withstand impact, thus adding increased protection against break-ins. They block UV light to prevent your furniture from fading and also block IR light to cut down heat. Less heat means less electricity needed to cool the interior.

Our blinds are very popular and economical window treatment. By choosing the right window blind, you can give an additional decoration to your home and office while working in a cool and relaxed environment.

Generally, we offered our customer with four types of blinds:-

  1. Roller blind
  2. Vertical blind
  3. Timber blind
  4. Aluminum blind

The benefits of installed blinds are as below:

  1. The primary benefit is that it blocks enough sun heat and light so that a room becomes more convenient to live and to work in.
  2. Blind are generally used as office blinds as it provides privacy to the people inside the office rooms who are engaged in confidential talks with client and conferences.
  3. Blind can be easily fitted on window and less costly as per maintenance concerned. You can fix them with face or top fix brackets.
  4. You can also purchase blinds according to the size of your office or window. All are custom tailored.

Frosted Film / Decorative Film

Various of interactive design and style to choose from. Custom made not just to provide privacy but also to make your properties looks impressive and stunning at the same time.

Curtain & Wallpaper

We have products ranging from films, blinds, curtain and also wallpaper for your quality sun heat window treatment. We provide various of interactive curtains and wallpaper design, color and custom make style all under one roof for our customer that suitable for both residential and commercial environment.