Have a peek at some of our customer testimonials. We would be happy to compile all of our customer feedback in order to better serve and maintaining our high quality standard.

Satisfied Client of Penang.

Installed: Wingard Regal on Valkswagen Touareg

Recently, there was a failed attempt to break-in into my car while I was in the car. I am indeed very impressed with how Wingard safety film had protected me

Satisfied Client of Kuala Lumpur

Installed: Wingard Royale on Honda City

My Honda City was involved in an accident with the front and side panels damaged. However, there was only a crack at the window glass. I felt safe in the car with protected from flying glass shard. I have no hesitation in recommending Wingard for passenger protection!

Satisfied Client of Wangsa Maju

Installed: Wingard Royale on Porsche

I installed Wingard on a friend’s recommendation and I am glad I did.. Would-be intruders tried to smash my car’s side window glass but it remained intact. The hijackers unable to force entry into my car. I am extremely satisfied and certainly recommend Wingard security film to my friends

Satisfied Client of Melaka

Installed: Wingard Regal on Toyota Estima

To be frank, I was very impressed with the quality of the security film installed onto my car windows. It really worked and I am very happy that my family is protected from the car accident that we were involved in. The excellent results speak for themselves

Satisfied Client of Selayang

Installed: Wingard Royale on BMW 5 Series

The recent attempt on my car windows has resulted in only a crack on the glass. You guys did a great job with my BMW. Definitely worth every Ringgit spent on the tint and service

Satisfied Client of Puchong

Installed: Wingard Royale on Mercedes Benz

I would like to express my appreciation for your prompt attention to my glass needs. Although my window glass broken, but it is still intact. You could know that this is a quality product! I feel a lot safer since I had security film installed on my car. For any customer looking for a great tint job, I refer you to Tint Gallery shop